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Did You Know You’re Telling Customers “Come Here…Go Away?”

The other day I was doing a website review for a client. They were very pleased that they’d incorporated some social features on their site – not just anywhere on their site but prominently positioned on their home page.

When I asked why they put them on their home page, they looked puzzled and asked “Why not on the home page? We want to show people we are social media savvy, its part of our brand.”come-here-go-away2-300x199

This customer has a Facebook page, a rather nice one, but one that is targeted to a small subset of their website visitors. By putting a prominent “Follow us on Facebook”, they were encouraging every site visitor to immediately leave the website and go to the Facebook page, where most of them would discover that the content on Facebook was not of interest to them. Human behaviour suggests that the majority of them would not go back to the website, they’d simply leave.

It takes so much effort to drive visitors to your website, you owe it yourself not to drive people away once they get there. We helped this customer think this through, and ended up moving the Facebook link into the task area that this audience went to most often. Their bounce rate went down dramatically which means that more people were actually moving through the site instead of leaving it.

Even when we moved it into the right section, the Facebook follow request wasn’t optimized. Each company on Facebook uses it in their own unique way, and usually we can’t know for sure what we’ll be seeing on a Facebook page until we get there. Tying a Follow us on Facebook message with a reason for doing so just makes sense. It’s a lot like signing up to get email from a company – there are so many different types of emails sent out by companies that I only sign up if they tell me what kinds of information I am going to get. I can’t afford to get more email unless it’s really relevant. Facebook is no different. I want to know why I should follow you on Facebook before I get there. We as site owners should make sure they only go to the Facebook page knowing ahead of time they won’t be wasting their time and their clicks.

Most of us are too close to it to see our websites clearly. We need to step back and use fresh eyes at least once a year so we can really see what behaviours we are encouraging and whether they are the right ones for us and for our visitors.

Written by Lynda Partner

August 27th, 2010 at 8:46 am

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Dear Customer, we really don’t value you.

I am a customer service nazi. I admit it. I admire those who deliver great service and I take great offense with those who don’t.

I like nothing more than acknowledging great customer service, and I have been known to make job offers on the spot to those who have given me great service because they are the type of person I want working for my company.

I almost always take the time to tell companies when their service falls short. I choose to believe they simply aren’t aware that their people need more training. I know its difficult to monitor everyone who delivers service, and in their shoes, I’d want to know if service isn’t what it should be. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Lynda Partner

August 13th, 2009 at 12:00 pm